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Update! Tray 13 of 35


Remember this?

Well now look at this. …


Falling in love with my changing smile Invisalign Journey: Tray 7 of 35

Well I’ve been busy but still head strong with my invisalign. This past tray was fairly painful and I had a few days of bloody trays. My gums have become much more sensitive and wld bleed just from a simple brushing. 

I have about 4 weeks until my next ortho appointment, and about 8 until my next cleaning.. It’s got me thinking about whether or not I am supposed to go to my dentist for the cleaning and how I’m supposed to tell them to treat my attachments. 

As far as my actual teeth!! Well they look beautiful!!! My open bite is almost closed!!! With just only 7 trays. I knw it won’t be a complete close until tray 20 and then the natural overbite around tray 33 but being about to see the results already is sooo crazy. 

  The top is obviously before tray 1 and the bottom is during tray 7. 
They are continuing to round out and close spacing my bottom teeth and pulling them up to close the gap. They are also still pulling down my top teeth to close the gap, but have yet to address the crowding at the top, that will happen in later trays before my natural overbite takes place. 

Stay strong! 

-Keysha Marie 

Tray 4 of 35 – invisalign journey 

Sooo it’s Tuesday night again. And I must change my trays. Last time I told you I wld do research on why my trays weren’t uncomfortable. It seems, from what I found, that they are working correctly or I wldnt be able to put on the next tray.. But that some ppls bodies respond differently to the movement of their teeth. Because I just had my wisdom teeth removed my teeth are moving more easily, causing less stress and irritation to my gums. 

However I may have spoke prematurely.. By Saturday tray 3 was very tight and my mouth was sore so.. Bring on the pain! Lol 

I have tray 4 in now, they are relatively tight but I like knowing it’s working, or “feeling” that it’s working. 

ALSO! I told you about Crest HD and how it’s amazing well .. It still is, but I’d suggest using a soft tooth brush with the whitening and polishing gel or “step2” in the HD system. It’s not as thick as regular tooth paste and my brush feels really hard against my gums .. Anyway here is me with tray 3  

And me at the end of tray 3 with pith trays 


Tray 3 of 35- invisalign journey

I switched to tray 3 last night and I’ve gotten SLIGHTLY worried.. They don’t hurt.. Like at all… My second tray was only tight the first couple hours and it’s the same with these.. I’m worried I’m not wearing them right and they aren’t doing what they are supposed to do. 

Like I said I change trays every Tuesday night, so maybe my trays don’t hurt bc it’s smaller changes so I don’t notice the movement as much.. And in turn have less pain. Idk I’m going to do some research ( and by research I mean ask google and YouTube ) 

   The photo on top is before my first tray and the one on bottom is last night before putting in my third tray. But this isn’t for comparison on progress look at how much my teeth have whitened! I began using Crest HD and the difference is AMAZING! I love it (small plug) and u shld def try it I mean you can clearly see the difference.  

Cleaning My Trays 

My situstion isn’t the norm, for now anyways, I change my trays once a week.. But I was still looking for a way to make sure my trays stayed clean.

It’s bad enough they trap moisture and food and any bacteria right nxt to ur gums… So today I bought denture cleaners.

I was nervous when using them bc I dnt want to ruin my trays, but everything worked out well! My trays came ont very clear I rinsed them well and brashes my teeth per usual, flossing.. Rinsing then placedy trays back in. 

I think I’m going to clean them once in the 7 days I have to wear them. If after my 12 tray I have Tj start wearing them 2 weeks then I’ll obviously clean them more. 

Set 2 of 35 – Invisalign 

So I change my trays every week, which is faster than the normal from what I’ve been told. I’ve been worried about it bc I remembered the paid of having them on those first couple of days. 

I prepared myself and took two 400mg of ibuprofen and a Tylenol to lower any inflammation or pain I may feel.. Brushed my teeth, rinsed my trays and put them in. And they felt fine! 

Slight discomfort but nothing compared to the first one.. So 2 out of 12 untill I see my Ortho again. And 33 trays left total.! 

  End of tray one. No tray on. 

My Anterior Open Bite .. 

I’ve been sucking my thumb since I was born and finally quit about a year and a half ago, as a result the front teeth in my mouth don’t touch. I’ve been self conscious about it for years but there was no point in fixing it since I would not stop sucking my thumb. 
Now there is. 

A month a go I went to FryOrthodontics and had a free consultation about Invisalign braces. It was about 1 hour long and by the end I was sold. So right away they took my molds and sent them off to Invisalign. 

5 days ago I went back to the orthodontics because my trays had finally come in.! They let me have my first 12 sets and suprisinly I found that I would be changing trays every week instead of every 2 weeks… Wow. 

I have 35 trays total that will be used to close my bite. The first tray was torture for the first few days, not only was it extremely tight but they had left spaces for my wisdom teeth after having me remove them so the back of the tray was cutting my gums. Quick fix tho. Now on day 5 they feel comfortable but day 7 is only 2 days away and I’ll be changing again… Lucky me. 
Here are some pics of how my teeth looked and what they will look like at the end! 

  I will keep you all posted on my progress!!!  


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