Even though I’ve recently found out that my last name is European… I am soo entranced with African culture, 🙂 My name is Keysha Marie.. but my Nubian name is Makeda…

I know, I know.. why Nubian?… Well in ancient times Egyptians used to differentiate themselves from other civilizations not only from their language but their skin types.. they refered to the group of people south of them as Nubian for there darker skin complection… I have a dark skin complection… see the connection? lol

Ive decided to start this blog because I want to document my transitioning period! I’ve been relaxing my hair since I was 11 and now at 21 I have decided to take the journey to natural.. which as you can imagine is feeding into my obsession with African culture lolol..

I’ll add some links to my favorite transitioners and my favorite naturals..

Nubian Princess

. and as im a student of fashion there will be tonnns of that aswell.. 🙂


About NaturalFashionista

21 years old, prescatarian...fashionista, on a journey to natural. Peace.LOVE.Hair.FASHION

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