My natural hair is NOT a trend..

I look on blogs or different sites to find new ways of moisturizing my new growth to make my transition into completely natural as easy as it can be… single strand knots aside… mostly when i big i come across “the big hair trend” or “natural hair trend” …

trending?? #NaturalHair? you can’t trend natural hair… cutting your hair off is NOT something to take lightly.. seeing as your hair only grows 1/2 an inch a month.. it’s really something you need to be prepared for.

I thought long and hard about taking this journey..

  • whether I could keep it up
  • how long I would transition
  • If i had the funds to transition ( because it does cost some money to find correct hair products)
  • if I could live with the comments on my hair.. good AND bad

all this and more helped mold my decision to make this LIFESTYLE change.. much like being a Pescetarian… (which I am) you can’t just say your going to do it for a day… or a month… it has to be a long-term goal.. my plan is to transition for a year and a half.. which will give me 9 inches of new growth before I decide to either cut my ends off.. or reserve the right to continue growing my hair until it is a suitable length for me.. 🙂


About NaturalFashionista

21 years old, prescatarian...fashionista, on a journey to natural. Peace.LOVE.Hair.FASHION

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