Transition – 6 Months










This is me full on the creamy crack! 🙂 6 months ago right after i finished putting a relaxer on my head in front of the TV watching Pretty Little Liars, I made the choice that, THAT was the last perm I would ever put on my head.. 🙂 ! thus begging my transistion to Natural… its been 6 months and the first couple months were fine.. since I normally waited about 3 months inbetween each relaxer I was use to working with the new growth in my head… 🙂 I tried different styles.. straw curls, and braid outs..







and they worked great… now im in my 6th month after having braids all winter… 😦 and this 4 inches of new growth has me stumped… as soon as i figure it out,… you’ll know.. but it just seems like every day is a bad hair day… :/ check it out >>


but im not giving up!! so i’ll upload my washing regimine for it, because all this kinky hair does NOT wash the same as my relaxed hair.. smh soo untill then!


About NaturalFashionista

21 years old, prescatarian...fashionista, on a journey to natural. Peace.LOVE.Hair.FASHION

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