Set 2 of 35 – Invisalign 

So I change my trays every week, which is faster than the normal from what I’ve been told. I’ve been worried about it bc I remembered the paid of having them on those first couple of days. 

I prepared myself and took two 400mg of ibuprofen and a Tylenol to lower any inflammation or pain I may feel.. Brushed my teeth, rinsed my trays and put them in. And they felt fine! 

Slight discomfort but nothing compared to the first one.. So 2 out of 12 untill I see my Ortho again. And 33 trays left total.! 

  End of tray one. No tray on. 


About NaturalFashionista

21 years old, prescatarian...fashionista, on a journey to natural. Peace.LOVE.Hair.FASHION

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