Cleaning My Trays 

My situstion isn’t the norm, for now anyways, I change my trays once a week.. But I was still looking for a way to make sure my trays stayed clean.

It’s bad enough they trap moisture and food and any bacteria right nxt to ur gums… So today I bought denture cleaners.

I was nervous when using them bc I dnt want to ruin my trays, but everything worked out well! My trays came ont very clear I rinsed them well and brashes my teeth per usual, flossing.. Rinsing then placedy trays back in. 

I think I’m going to clean them once in the 7 days I have to wear them. If after my 12 tray I have Tj start wearing them 2 weeks then I’ll obviously clean them more. 


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  1. The best system that works for me is that every time I brush my teeth I also brush my trays, inside & out. Once every few days I also use RetainerBrite to give them a thorough clean. No stained trays yet thankfully 😊

    • Since I change my trays more often than most, they don’t really have a chance to get stained, I use the denture cleaner once in the middle of my week bc my walmart ddnt have retainer brite lol.

      • I am in Australia and struggled to find it too! I ended up getting it from the dentakit website. I’m stuck on 10-14 day changes so I’m always checking how clean they are

      • I’m sure after my 12th tray I’ll be switched to 14 day changes.. Bc my entire treatment is supposed to take 14 months.. And I have 35 trays total so I’ll really be trying to clean them then.

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