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So when you gone get a perm??

When I went natural everybody and their mama, and my mama too, told me not to. They told me how ugly my hair was going to be and how I’d never get a man (I’ve met and married my soul mate since I’ve gone natural) or a job and how “black and militant” I would look to employers. My family really has some growing to do. But that’s neither here nor there because my biggest “natural hair hater” was my cousin, H. She had something to say about my hair every step of the way and turned her nose up at me. Now, here I am 3 years later touching bra strap length and her hair is still as dried and crusty from over processing as it was when I started. We had the same hair at the beginning! Now, she’s slowly coming around and wants me to giver her tips. I am helping her, of course, but I can’t help but to think about the hell she gave me at the start. What goes around comes around!

the turned up noses and the, “when are you going to press that stuff?!” interrogations. i got it all. i think a lot of people in my family thought i was going through a phase. i went to a women’s college so many were already expecting me to “turn gay” or doing somethingrebellious, so when i cut off my hair, it satiated their thirst for, “i told you so!”

they were of course wrong and like you, i had a few hair haters that stood out more significantly so than the rest. i’m not one to rub anything in anyone’s face as i, myself, have been converted to “the other side” of things after much hesitation or doubt, but it does feel good to swang (yes, swang) my hair in the wind knowing that so many wanted me to be bald headed or anything else besides natural. anything but walking…blackness.

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Cantu Can DO!

I don’t care what any one says about shampoo, when my hair gets dirty I need a real good scratching, and despite shampoo sulfates taking out my natural oils I feel soo much better and my scalp just feels clean! 🙂 anyway.. Cantu Shea Butter shampoo is great it doesn’t strip my hair and adds more oils to my hair to keep it healthy and shiny!! I love love LOOOOOVE IT


My natural hair is NOT a trend..

I look on blogs or different sites to find new ways of moisturizing my new growth to make my transition into completely natural as easy as it can be… single strand knots aside… mostly when i big i come across “the big hair trend” or “natural hair trend” …

trending?? #NaturalHair? you can’t trend natural hair… cutting your hair off is NOT something to take lightly.. seeing as your hair only grows 1/2 an inch a month.. it’s really something you need to be prepared for.

I thought long and hard about taking this journey..

  • whether I could keep it up
  • how long I would transition
  • If i had the funds to transition ( because it does cost some money to find correct hair products)
  • if I could live with the comments on my hair.. good AND bad

all this and more helped mold my decision to make this LIFESTYLE change.. much like being a Pescetarian… (which I am) you can’t just say your going to do it for a day… or a month… it has to be a long-term goal.. my plan is to transition for a year and a half.. which will give me 9 inches of new growth before I decide to either cut my ends off.. or reserve the right to continue growing my hair until it is a suitable length for me.. 🙂

Transition – 6 Months










This is me full on the creamy crack! 🙂 6 months ago right after i finished putting a relaxer on my head in front of the TV watching Pretty Little Liars, I made the choice that, THAT was the last perm I would ever put on my head.. 🙂 ! thus begging my transistion to Natural… its been 6 months and the first couple months were fine.. since I normally waited about 3 months inbetween each relaxer I was use to working with the new growth in my head… 🙂 I tried different styles.. straw curls, and braid outs..







and they worked great… now im in my 6th month after having braids all winter… 😦 and this 4 inches of new growth has me stumped… as soon as i figure it out,… you’ll know.. but it just seems like every day is a bad hair day… :/ check it out >>


but im not giving up!! so i’ll upload my washing regimine for it, because all this kinky hair does NOT wash the same as my relaxed hair.. smh soo untill then!


Even though I’ve recently found out that my last name is European… I am soo entranced with African culture, 🙂 My name is Keysha Marie.. but my Nubian name is Makeda…

I know, I know.. why Nubian?… Well in ancient times Egyptians used to differentiate themselves from other civilizations not only from their language but their skin types.. they refered to the group of people south of them as Nubian for there darker skin complection… I have a dark skin complection… see the Read the rest of this entry

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