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Mother’s Day Love

My mom, Melvin Louise!!

I love her so much, even when she is being really strange… She called me on Mothers day because her remote control was running slowly.. so she decided to change the batteries and after doing that couldn’t get her satellite television to work again..

she does that all the time, calls me when she has an issue at home, when she wants to know how to play a DVD, or open an email, or print something… ( yes, I said print )

eh well.. I’m stuck with her, might as well..



I know this is completely randooooo…. But how awesome would this be???!!!



I’m not blind… And unlike a lot of my peers I keep up with current events… However.., you would need to be living under a rock to have missed the up raising around the Trayvon Martin protest happening around America the last few weeks..,

I’m not here to sway your opinion… Or tell you your wrong to feel the way you do… Furthermore since this is MY blog.. Im going to address it and my feelings on the matter and lay it to rest..

So this is how the story goes.. From my understanding… On February 26 a 17 year old boy in Florida was walking to his fathers’ finances house after grabbing a snack at the local convince store… Skittles and Arizona tea to be exact.. He was wearing jeans and a hoodie pulled over his head because was raining lightly..

At the same time… A neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was on watch for the same neighborhood and seen Trayvon walking home..

Here’s where it gets tricky… You can google the audio tapes from YouTube to hear the conversation.. between the dispatcher and Zimmerman and in it he seems to have some sort of anger towards the situation.. Many say it’s from the numorous break ins at that time.. And some say it was racially influenced…

At the end of the night… Trayvon was dead and Zimmerman was let free.

Hereeee is where my opinions come into play.. ( if you are uncomfortable with hearing others opinion, please leave now.. )

Ok. Zimmerman claimed self defense as the reason for shooting Martin… But if you go back and listen to those videos I told you about.. The dispatcher tells him not to follow Martin.. Yet he does anyway… Second.. Martin was 160 lbs to Zimmermans 2sumn.. – I can’t remember the exact number- he could have subdued the young boy in another way besides shooting him..

And lastly and my biggest issue with this is that Zimmerman was not arrested.. At all.. They should have at least conducted a full investigation before just letting him go free… Now all of his clothes which could have been evidence is now lost.. Because he was allowed to leave in the same clothes… – not that I’m a detective or anything-

That’s my biggest issue.. Mostly with the Florida police department… Because if the races had been reversed.. ( Martin is African American and Zimmerman is of Hispanic decent btw) then an arrested would have been made… Or at the very least an investigation to find out if what was said was really what happened.. Because cllllearly Martin can’t tell you..

So I where my hoodie for Trayvon.. So that both sides can be told before we just believe the okey-doke..



Right now I live in Sprinfield, MO finishing up my last year and a half of school..  BUT one year from July 1, 2012 I will be moving to sunny California!  🙂 L.A to be exact…

I can’t wait…

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