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Mother’s Day Love

My mom, Melvin Louise!!

I love her so much, even when she is being really strange… She called me on Mothers day because her remote control was running slowly.. so she decided to change the batteries and after doing that couldn’t get her satellite television to work again..

she does that all the time, calls me when she has an issue at home, when she wants to know how to play a DVD, or open an email, or print something… ( yes, I said print )

eh well.. I’m stuck with her, might as well..



Even though I’ve recently found out that my last name is European… I am soo¬†entranced with African culture, ūüôā My name is Keysha¬†Marie.. but my Nubian name is Makeda…

I know, I know.. why Nubian?… Well in ancient times Egyptians used to differentiate¬†themselves from other civilizations not only from their language but their skin types.. they refered to the group of people south of them as Nubian for there darker skin¬†complection… I have a dark skin complection… see the Read the rest of this entry

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